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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Susangerd Oil Field

Susangerd oil field is located at 45 km to the west of Ahwaz, between Jofair, Azadegan, Ab-Teymour, Moshtagh, and Band-e-Karkheh oil fields. Susangerd's Anticline is located in the northern Dezful at 45 km to the west of Ahwaz. According to the seismic maps, this anticline was specified without any outcrops on the ground surface. It is along Mansouri and Ab-Teymour structures with a general trend of Zagros structures toward northwest-southeast direction. Three wells has been drilled in Susangerd anticline.

Well Susangerd–1 has been drilled to the depth of 2,438 meters in Asmari formation and Well Susangerd– 2 has been drilled to the depth of 4,236 meters in Kazhdumi formation.  The purpose of drilling of Susangerd–3 Well, was evaluation of hydrocarbon potential of Asmari formation, Bangestan (Ilam & Sarvak), and Khami groups. This well is located at the crest of anticline, between Susangerd–2 and Ab-Teymour oil field. The final depth of Well-3 is about 5,100 meters and 480 meters has been considered to be drilled in Fahliyan formation. The development plan of the field has been prepared and the preparations of the plan are underway.

 The oil in place of this field is estimated about 5390 M barrels and recoverable oil is approximately 1140 M barrels, API IS 19. IPC contract has been decided for development of this field.

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