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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Omid Oil Field

Omid oil field is located at 62 km to the south-west of Ahwaz next to Darquain oil field. Well Omid 1 was drilled to the final depth of 4,672 meters in 1977. The aim of this well was evaluating the Hydrocarbons potential of Bangestan and Khami groups and after conducting eight well tests in Fahliyan, Gadvan, Darian, Sarvak and Ilam, this well was abandoned because the amount of the explored oil was not sufficient economically.

While testing Fahliyan in Darquain structure in 1994, it was proved that there was an oil column with a height more than the vertical closure of the structure. Later, evaluation of this formation in adjacent wells, such as Omid and Khorramshahr, became important. With this perspective, Well Omid–1 deepened to the final depth of 4,850 meters in Fahliyan formation and some tests were conducted again on Fahliyan, Dariyan and Sarvak formations the results showed the existing of hydrocarbon with high percentage of produced oil, still more investigation about this field is needed. 

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