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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Azadegan Oil Field

Azadegan oil field is located in the south west of Iran, 80 kilometers to the west of Ahwaz, near Susangerd city, and in the vicinity of Iran-Iraq borderline. The first exploration well was drilled in this oil field in 1976. Enormous reservoir sections were discovered in this field by drilling the second well in 1999. Until now, four production layers including Sarvak, Kazhdumi, Gadvan, and Fahliyan were identified in Azadegan oil field. On Sarvak reservoir UGC map, the length of the field in the Iranian section is about 45 to 60 km, the width is about 17 km and its total area is approximately 900 km2. The in-place amount of reservoir oil is more than 33000 billion (33*1012) barrels and the expected recoverable oil is approximately 6 billion barrels. Due to the vast area of Azadegan oil field its development project has been divided into two parts:


Northern Azadegan field:

Northern Azadegan field is in fact in the northern part of the Azadegan field, with an area about 460 km2. It is located in Hoor-Al-Azim lagoon; 120 km far from Ahvaz.  The amount of oil in place in Sarvak, Kazhdomi and Gadvan has been estimated about 5860 M barrels and final recoverable will be around 420 M barrels. In this field Gas lifting has been used in order to reach and maintain oil production in an optimum level.  The development plan Phase 1 of this field is a payback contract between Iran and Chinese company: CNPCI. The current production of this field is 75.000 barrels of crude oil per day. Which after being processed in the production unit at Northern Azadegan transfers to west Karun pump station (WKPS) through 16”pipe line which is 73 km in length. Produced gas is to be sent to NGL unit 3200 in a 12” pipe line with 42 km in length.

 Southern Azadegan field:

Southern Azadegan field is in fact in the southern part of the Azadegan field, with an area about 440 km2. The ongoing aims of development plan of this field is to make production capacity, process and transformation of oil from Sarvak, Kazhdumi, Gadvan and Fahliyan by drilling 185 new wells. Oil in place in this field is about 28.2 MM barrels and recoverable oil is 1600 M at a rough guess also its API varies from 22 to 34.  The current production of this field is approximately 85000 barrels of crude oil per day which after being processed in the production unit at West Karoun will be transferred to WKPS. 

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