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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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After the glorious era of the Holy Defense, with new studies and discoveries in the west of Khuzestan province, large hydrocarbon resources were identified, which were named the West of Karun River Oil fields. To produce and manage this new cradle of Iranian oil, Arvandan Oil and Gas Company was established in 2004.

Daily preservative  production of one million barrels of crude oil in 2025, production and operation with 99% continuity of production index, moving towards decentralization and optimization of production costs, maximum use of facilities and specialized forces of the domestic private sector, achieving and maintaining Safe and accident-free conditions and improving specialized human resources is one of the most important strategies and Macro goals of Arvandan Oil and Gas Company.

Production from joint fields is one of the important priorities of the Ministry of Oil and the National Iranian Oil Company, and the existence of more than 60% of joint oil fields on land with neighboring country, Iraq, in the field of Arvandan Company has given special importance to this company. In a way that more than 7 billion barrels of oil should be extracted from Joint fields.

The oil fields under the management of this company have a considerable extent in terms of dimensions, reservoir characteristics and production technical complexities. These fields include common fields with Iraq, including Azadegan, Yadavaran, Yaran, Sohrab, Arvand and Khorramshahr, and independent fields include Darkhovin, Jofeir, Band Karkheh, Susangard, Sepehr, Omid and Mushtaq.

The Young Arvandan Oil and Gas Company, in addition to its main mission, which is the production, maintenance and proper operation of the fields in west of the Karun River; has put peaceful coexistence of the oil industry with the environment and attention to social responsibilities, especially towards warm-hearted people and neighbors to its facilities as its mission and headline of its activities

We believe that by relying on committed and efficient manpower and maximizing the potential of domestic builders and contractors, the increasing development of the oil industry and the subsequent development of our beloved country Iran is completely achievable.

Abdollah Ozzari Ahwazi

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